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WhatsApp Business New Update Helps Businesses Communicate With Customers More Quickly



WhatsApp Business


  • WhatsApp Business API adds more support for types of messages.
  • It has cut down the time from weeks to just five minutes.
  • It also adds new quick response messaging features for brands.

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp announced updates to its ‘WhatsApp Business API’ that will significantly cut down the time- it takes for businesses to get set up on the platform, while also making it easier for people to interact with the businesses.

The latest changes help medium and large businesses. WhatsApp says they will be able to set up their solutions on the platform in just five minutes. While earlier, businesses were limited to sending timely notifications, now the company will add support for more types of messages. For example, a business will be able to reply to a customer when a particular item is back in stock.

In addition to this, WhatsApp’s also adding new, quick response messaging features for brands, to help guide relevant responses. Facebook is working to build WhatsApp as a business platform in India.

How to update WhatsApp Business on Android to the latest version?

  •  Open your Android phone and go to Play Store.
  •  After that, tap on the menu option (three horizontal lines).
  •  From the given options select My apps & games.
  •  A new page will appear, here tap UPDATE next to WhatsApp Business.

It is also adding new messaging features such as a ‘list message’, which presents the customer with a menu of up to 10 options. This ensures customers will no longer need to type out a response.

Further, reply buttons will allow users to quickly make a selection from up to three options with just a quick tap. The business can set this feature ahead of time through their WhatsApp Business API account.

How to update WhatsApp Business on iPhone to the latest version?

  •  Open your iPhone and go to the App Store.
  •  After that, you need to tap on Updates.
  •  On the new page, you need to tap on UPDATE next to WhatsApp Business.

The latest announcements are likely to help WhatsApp attract new businesses and bring them closer to their potential customers.

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