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WhatsApp Introduced These Five Cool Features in 2020, Have You Started Using Them?



Undoubtedly Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app out there and during the Coronavirus pandemic, the messaging giant helped billions of people to keep in touch. As per the research firm Statista, Whatsapp has over 2 Billion active users worldwide by October 2020. Being the most used instant messaging apps, Whatsapp is upgrading itself continuously. And in order to improve the user experience, this year Whatsapp rolled out so many important features for Whatsapp for Web, Whatsapp for Android, and Whatsapp for iPhone. From all the important upgrades that Whatsapp has introduced this year, we picked the five most cool features here.

1.Whatsapp Payments

One of the topmost upgrades to Whatsapp is Whatsapp payments. As we reached the closing of 2020, Whatsapp finally introduced the Whatsapp payment feature and this facility is available to up to 20 Million users in India. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp platform stated that WhatsApp Payments are now Live with State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank, and will enable the National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI) Unified Payment Interface (UPI) system for users to make payments, money transfers and more.

How to set up Whatsapp Pay to make payments?

2.Dark Mode

Dark Mode was the most awaited feature and earlier this year Whatsapp rolled out Dark Mode feature for Android and iOS users. Later Dark Mode feature was also introduced for the desktop app of Whatsapp.

3.Disappearing Messages

Suppose you have sent a message you don’t want to send then what would you do? For such mistakes, Whatsapp has launched the disappearing messages feature with which all your chatting will disappear after 7 days. This feature is available for all Whatsapp users.

How to enable disappearing messages in Whatsapp

4.Whatsapp group voice and video calls

Because of the global pandemic, we have to stay indoors and as a result, our dependency on instant messaging apps and video conferencing apps has raised. At that time Whatsapp updated the group calling feature to include 8 participants instead of 4. As per WhatsApp, during the Coronavirus pandemic users on average were spending over 15 billion minutes talking each day on WhatsApp calls.

5.Mute Whatsapp Groups

It is pretty annoying when we get notifications from unwanted Whatsapp groups. But now Whatsapp facilitated with you with Mut Whatsapp group feature with which one can mute annoying and irritating groups forever. Now users will get the ‘Always’ option instead of ‘1 – year’ in the Mute settings. Both Android and iOS users will get this valuable feature of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp allows users to report unwanted groups and contacts


So, have you started using these cool Whatsapp features or not? If didn’t then update your Whatsapp now and enjoy all the latest upgrades of Whatsapp to give heights to your chatting experience.

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