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WhatsApp new worm malware is infecting contact list of users without their knowledge, know how?




  • Worms in masquered  form of messages are being sent to users on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp users are getting  texts that are malicious with malware and making unwanted changes and infecting their contact lists.
  • “Android Worm” sneaks in users’ phone as a message and then infects their contact list without them knowing.

Do you know about the latest Android malware that spreads via WhatsApp and infect your contact list?

In case you don’t know, then let me tell you that this wormable malware spreads via WhatsApp and harms your contact list and the major fact is that you will not know anything about it.

This came into news when famous ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko confirmed about this malware.  He said-

“This malware spreads via the victim’s WhatsApp, automatically replying to any WhatsApp message notification with a link to a fake and malicious Huawei Mobile app,”

The malware, which was first reported by Twitter user @ReBensk, appears to be mainly intended to generate fraudulent advertising revenue for its operators.

Android users should not ignore this new wormable malware that gets distributed via WhatsApp and tricks the innocent users into downloading an app from a website masquerading as Google Play.

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Stefanko has also shared a video by showing how the malware infects a device and wrote,

“Android WhatsApp Worm?

Malware spreads via victim’s WhatsApp by automatically replying to any received WhatsApp message notification with a link to malicious Huawei Mobile app. The message is sent only once per hour to the same contact. It looks to be adware or subscription scam.”

Want to know How it spreads?

  • The malware will get entry in your phone via a message and then it quickly uploads an adware onto your phone without your knowledge.
  • It then starts spreading whenever you text someone by linking with WhatsApp messages to a user’s contact list with no hints of what wrong is happening with them.
  • Then users will receive a message from  an unknown number.
  • The message would ask users to download a link to win a free smartphone.
  • The message would ask users to download a link to win a free smartphone.
  • To trick the users and make them believe that the message is not fake and coming from a trusted source, a fake Google Play Page will appear on your screen.
  • But on clicking on this, you will start messing up things as Worm will be active by the time and you will become a victim of such malware.

How to stay safe from it?

  • However, in order to stay safe you need to be careful about suspicious links or messages. Without knowing the actual source of the text, don’t click anywhere.
  • Download apps from Trusted sources like Google Play store or App store only.
  • Don’t download anything from random site.
  • After all prevention is always better than cure.







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