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WhatsApp OTP scam: Here’s how you can stay safe from being attacked



How to stay safe from Whatsapp OTP Scam

Hackers always in search of new tricks to hack someone’s confidential information and currently those ill-minded people are using Whatsapp to trick users. Hackers are using OTP tricks to have illegal access to Whatsapp accounts.

Undoubtedly, Whatsapp is a widely used messaging app worldwide. We use Whatsapp for chat, voice calls, and video calls with our nears and dears. Even after having Billions of users across the globe, the chat giant is still vulnerable to different types of hacks. And one of the most common hacks which are hackers using nowadays is Whatsapp OTP Scam. Hackers send you a PIN from an unknown number or from your friend’s number and pretend that they are in an emergency. Let’s start reading and know in depth what is Whatsapp OTP scam and how to prevent yourself from this hacking attack.

What is Whatsapp OTP scam?

Whenever someone tries to set up a Whatsapp account on their smartphone, Whatsapp conveys him/her an OTP for verification. After it the user enters that one-time password on Whatsapp to verify their account.

Now hackers are using this OTP trick to fool Whatsapp users and to steal their private information. In order to gain illegal access to your Whatsapp account, a hacker would install Whatsapp on his phone and enter your number. Then he will make a call or message you to get the OTP. In case you send him the OTP then you lost your account and he gets successful to have access to your Whatsapp account.

Like this hackers would have total access to your account and he can change your profile picture, set status, and even promote their products in your Whatsapp groups. He can collect all your private information via communicating with your friends and relatives.

But don’t worry you can escape this scam.

How to stay safe from Whatsapp OTP scam?

Not everyone is the prey of this OTP scam. if you are quite caring to hand over your OTP then you can’t be a victim. If you want to stay safe from such scam here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, open up Whatsapp on your smartphone and tap on the three dots located at the top right corner.
  • After it tap on “Settings” and choose the “Account” option.
  • Your next move is to tap on “Two-step verification”.
  • After choosing the two-step verification option, you will get the enable option.
  • Tap on enable and it will ask for a six-digit PIN.
  • Enter the PIN and reenter then, followed by your email address.
  • After confirming your email ID, your two-step verification will be activated.

Apart from enabling two-step verification, there are some more steps, you can take to safeguard your account from Whatsapp OTP scam:

  • If you get a message from an unknown or suspicious number then don’t save it. Try to block it as soon as possible so that they can’t send you a message anymore.
  • Modify your Whatapp privacy settings. Navigate to Settings menu > click on Privacy option > Change profile photo option to My contacts > Change About to My Contacts > Change Groups to My Contacts > Change Status to My Contacts.
  • In case you logged into your Whatapp account from any other device then log out from that device.

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