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Whatsapp rolls out shopping button to make shopping easier



Whatsapp added shopping button

Whatsapp is introducing a bunch of new features and the latest edition in the chat giant’s attires in the shopping button. Whatsapp rolls out shopping button to make business easy via the app.

In the newest announcement, the company revealed that it will charge businesses for some of the services on the app. Now Whatsapp shopping button goes live and users can add items to their cart and also make payment to buy their desired items.

“We’re rolling out a new shopping button on WhatsApp to make it easier for people to discover a business’ catalog so they know what goods or services it offers. Previously, people had to click into the business’ profile to see if the business had a catalog. Now, when a person sees the shopping button, which looks like a storefront icon, they will immediately know the business has a catalog so they can browse products and start a conversation about an item they see with just one tap. This will make it easier for businesses to have their products discovered which can help increase sales,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

The shopping button has been rolled out worldwide and it will replace the voice call button. Now users have to click on the call button to choose from voice and video call options.

A newly added shopping button will allow users to explore the products at business accounts. Within the Whatsapp now add items to their cart, make payments, and check out. Isn’t awesome!! Now for shopping, you don’t need to leave the chat app and you can directly explore the items and have a conversation with businesses.

Whatsapp is continuously offering new features and the chat king recently rolled out Always Mute, Disappearing Messages, and WhatsApp Pay features. Via the always mute feature users can mute pesky groups forever. The disappearing message feature will delete the sent messages after seven days for the chosen contact or group. Just like Google Pay and Paytm, Whatsapp Pay lets you send and receive payments. At the end of the month, Whatsapp users would be able to enjoy all features.

News Highlights

  • Whatsapp rolls out shopping button feature to make business via the chat app.
  • Businesses have to pay for some of the services of Whatsapp as Whatsapp has announced that it will charge.
  • The newest shopping button will replace the voice call button and will be launched globally.

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