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WhatsApp To Add New Verification Method: Android-Exclusive Feature?



WhatsApp new multi-device capability


  • WhatsApp Working on Flash Calls Feature for Quick login.
  •  You can verify your logins using phone calls instead of the six-digit verification codes.
  • The new WhatsApp Flash Call login method has come to ease the process for users.

Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp could soon let you verify your logins using phone calls instead of the six-digit verification codes it has used until now. The feature is somewhat similar to Telegram where you can choose the option to either get a call or an SMS code to verify your phone number.

Using the new verification method called “Flash Calls”, WhatsApp will call your phone number and then automatically end the call, to verify the authenticity of the login when you use WhatsApp on a new device. The under-development feature is expected to be rolled out soon.

WhatsApp New Verification Method: Benefits

1. This will enable users to log in quicker than the SMS verification process and should prove to be useful once multi-device support is rolled out and users can log in to multiple devices simultaneously.

2. The existing method of using six-digit verification codes to authenticate logins is reliable, but the method is prone to human error when copying the code from the SMS inbox to WhatsApp’s login verification screen. Now new Flash call feature will totally remove these problems.

3. Since Flash Calls use a different number each time, this method appears to be more secure. Moreover, we believe that since phone numbers have more digits than verification codes, more combinations are possible with phone numbers, thereby adding security.

WhatsApp’s Flash Call feature was first spotted on WhatsApp beta version of the app.  WhatsApp Flash Call feature will not work on iOS, because of the security and privacy features by Apple.

Flash Calls feature will be optional and users will get the option to choose for their phone verification. Users will get the chance to select whether to give WhatsApp permission by choosing ‘continue’ or deny by picking the ‘not now’ option. Choosing the second option will revert back to the traditional SMS verification process.

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