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WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: Which Messaging App is More Secure



WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram : Hey readers, Are you also worried about the latest policies of popular social networking app WhatsApp? Thinking of switching, But not sure, right? Of course this is what every WhatsApp user thinking right now. There is a huge buzz everywhere about it. People are looking for its alternatives like Telegram and Signal. But the matter of fact here is that ignoring WhatsApp is not an easy task as its reach is maximum. It has almost 2 billion active users every month. But if we look towards Telegram and Signal numbers, then they are in millions. In fact Signal has just started the race, definitely it is taking pace after the announcement of new policies came.

Recently WhatsApp updated its Privacy policy which allows other Facebook-owned companies to access WhatsApp user data. This is the main issue which is irking every user.

WhatsApp’s downloads fell by 35 per cent during the same time period. Sparked by concerns over user data privacy, people have been turning to alternative messaging apps for increased security.

If you are also thinking to switch but unsure about where to go, then take a look here at the prepared complete difference between all three major ones.  – you should consider the following features the apps have.

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WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram:

Privacy Permissions, Who is more secure?

  • WhatsApp : Let us first talk about the most popular social messaging app “WhatsApp”. If we check its encryption feature, then it is not as effective as Signal is. Since it does not encrypt metadata. In fact group chats are also not encrypted which is the biggest loophole for security point of view.
  • Telegram : Here also group chats are not encrypted but it offers an option to do so. if you are dealing with some confidential data that must not be breeched at any cost then you can go with Secret Chats tool that will encrypt that but remember one thing that it will encrypt only single-user communication.
  • Signal : It is the most reliable way to communicate on the web. Why so? Because it encrypts all your files with a 4-digit passphrase and not only this but also offers group calls in encrypted mode, Isn’t it great? Then where is the problem? Actually Signal lacks some features that are offered by Telegram and WhatsApp.

Do you know how much data each messaging app collects?

WhatsApp collects following information from you – 

  • Device ID
  • User ID
  • Advertising Data
  • Purchase History
  • Coarse Location
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Contacts
  • Product Interaction
  • Crash Data
  • Performance Data
  • Other Diagnostic Data
  • Payment Info
  • Customer Support
  • Product Interaction
  • Other User Content

Telegram collects following information from you – 

  • Contact Info
  • Contacts
  • User ID

Signal collects following information from you –

  • None
  • It only stores your phone number

So it is quite evident here that Signal is more secure in contrast to WhatsApp and Telegram. But people are not familiar about this amazing console as Signal uses the open-source Signal Protocol to implement end-to-end encryption.

Group Chats :

WhatsApp allows about 250 members to be a part of a group.

Telegram here leads the race with about 200,000 users can be a part of a group.

Signal : Here you can create groups, however, you don’t have the option to broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once. Plus, Signal has recently added support for group calling as well.

Group Calling/ Chat : Telegram is an evident winner here. 

Recently the tweet made by World’s richest man Elon Musk has sparked the fire everywhere. He tweeted – “Use Signal” .This definitely has  urged his followers on Twitter to use the app in the wake of the notorious privacy policy changes made by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp clarifies Its Updated Version Of Privacy Policy.

Free or paid? Ads?

Here all three apps are absolutely free. But Signal is run by a non-profit organization. Recently in fact WhatsApp co-founder also helped Signal Foundation and fund the app with $50 million. The best part is that it does not sell or transfer your data and does not  force you to watch advertisements unnecessarily.

So for Signal- Thumbs are all up. 

Note To Self Feature :

The best feature of Signal is “Note to Self”. Unlike WhatsApp, you don’t have to create a single-member group to send notes to yourself. This feature does not exist in WhatsApp and Telegram. So Signal is definitely leading the race with a great pace.

Data Transfer limit :

WhatsApp allow all kinds of data transfer- It can be in any format and do not cause any compatibility issues but a document size can’t be greater than 100 MB. 

Whereas in Telegram it offers a great facility to share biggest data in any format up to 1.5 GB. 

Self destructing messages :

Well initially only Telegram and Signal were offering self destructing feature. But now WhatsApp is also offering Disappearing message recently which is definitely a great move by the company.

Wrap Up :

Hey readers, Thank you for reading so far. This is all about “WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram”.  We have jotted down all what we know so far. Now it is up to you-whether you want to go for “WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal”. This is a comprehensive difference between all three major social messaging apps. Now it is your call – Want to know our take?

Our Choice :

If you are a general user and not have much security concerns. Moreover your group chats are limited to few people only then there is no point to switch over it as you are comfortable with it.

But in case you want to communicate on a larger scale or your broadcast groups are big enough then Telegram is for you. And it takes less data from you so you don’t have to be tensed about security.

And if Security is the major aspect of your messaging concern then Go for Signal without any doubts but it offers less features like WhatsApp stories, live location etc.






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