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WhatsApp will stop working from 15 May, Just Rumors or true?



WhatsApp will stop working?

WhatsApp has been under criticism for its privacy policy since the beginning of this year. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was supposed to come into effect on February 8, but the privacy policy is going to come into force on May 15, 2021, this month. After the controversy, WhatsApp had deferred the privacy policy for three months.

WhatsApp is constantly giving notifications to its users regarding the privacy policy, that is, you have to accept the privacy policy of WhatsApp before 15 May 2021. So now the question is, what if you don’t accept it? Let’s know …

First of all, let us tell you that on May 15, the new policy of WhatsApp is going to be implemented and this time the company is not in the mood to postpone it further. The company has clearly said that if the users do not accept the new policy of WhatsApp till May 15, then they will not be able to send or receive any message. Simply put, their WhatsApp will remain closed until they accept the policy.

Account will be deleted after 120 days

WhatsApp has said that users will not be able to send or receive any message until they accept the terms. Those who do not accept the new terms will see their account inactive and the inactive account will be deleted after 120 days. To accept the terms, the company will continue to give notifications every day or a few days, and then it will also stop.

Most of the opposition to the new terms is in India and even if not. There is also the maximum number of users of WhatsApp in India. People are angry with the new policy that WhatsApp is now planning to share more data with its parent company Facebook. Although WhatsApp clarified that this will not happen. Rather the update is actually linked to business accounts. At the same time, this new policy of WhatsApp is not being implemented in Europe. Because there is a separate privacy law for it.

WhatsApp already shares some information with Facebook,

such as the IP address of users (it is a sequence of numbers associated with every device connecting to the Internet.  It can also be used to find the location of a device). And also pre-shares information about purchasing through the platform.

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