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Where to buy PS5: Latest restock updates for Best Buy, Target, Walmart and More



Sony PlayStation 5 restock

Willing to buy PS5? Everyone is looking to buy Sony’s latest console but it is pretty tough to get it right now. But folks, don’t worry we are here with the latest restock updates so that you can assume where to buy PS5 at the best price without wasting your energy and time.

PS5 is the hot potato of the gaming console market and the console sold out instantly as it launched on 12th November in the US. There was a huge difference in the demand and stock of the PS5 and every time there’s a PS5 restock at retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, the console finished in minutes.

But PS5 coming in stock occasionally and if you are really keen to buy the next-gen console of Sony then here is a quick rundown of PS5 restock in different US retailers. Also, we are tracking PS5 restock when they pop up so keep visiting this page to find out where to buy PS5 before it gets out of stock.

Where to Buy PS5?

On December 29 at 5.30 p.m, there were zero consoles in the stock. Previously Target, Amazon, and Sony Direct stores had the limited consoles of Digital Edition but they sold out fast. Hopefully, the stock will come soon.

You can use the given links to inquire where to purchase PS5:

PS5 Restock Updates

It will be worthful to follow the Sony Twitter account to get the latest updates about the availability of PS5. For Those are finding problems to find PS5, the good news is that Sony has tweeted that it is working to get more PS5 units before the end of 2020.

“Demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year – please stay in touch with your local retailers,” Sony stated.

Best Buy

Price $499

If you looking to buy PS5 with controllers then Best Buy would be a good option. Though the PS5 units have sold out from Best Buy when available you can buy them from the Best Buy site with 2 years of accidental protection and numerous cardmember financing choices.


Price $499

Target is also selling PS5 but like other retailers, stocks are going fast. But Target is restocking PS5 so it is a better idea to track Target for the availability of PS5. The bad news is that Target will restock the few units of PS5 because last time Target got only 10-15 units of PS5.


Price $499

Walmart is not an exception and like other retailers, PS5 is not currently available at Walmart. There is no clue when will Walmart restock the PS5 and the backorders option also not available.


Amazon had a brief instant of stock when the PS5 previously dispatched its pre-orders, yet kept on turning out more units during the time that followed. That implies this is one you’ll need to watch out for all through the delivery window – in addition to you can snatch quick, free conveyance in case you’re a Prime Member too.


Gamestop is selling PS5 with product replacement options and payment plan options starting from $124.99. But you have to wait until the PS5 units come in stock again.

Important tips to buy PS5

As you know PS5 is tough to possess so before trying to buy it you need to take care of a few things:

  • There are plenty of retailers that are selling PS5 but not all offer you a straightforward way to buy the console. It may be tricky to own PS5 via some retailers so we advise you to go for selected retailers like Walmart, and Amazon and to follow their landing page.
  • It is pretty necessary to have accurate payment card details with two-factor authentication available when ready to buy PS5. Because when units come in stock they sold out in moments so get set ready with your Credit Card.
  • There are various retailers that provide alerts about the availability of PS5 units so to get updated you need to sign up for their services.
  • Make sure you got the right buying page of any retailer to buy PS5.


So folks it was all about where to buy PS5. We hope soon PS5 will come in stock but you have to keep an eye on your retailer to get your unit.

We will update the post with fresh announcements so keep visiting.


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