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Why Online Casinos Go From Strength to Strength



Online Casinos

We are lucky to live in technologically advanced times, with lives completely different from those lived by our parents.

The digital age has opened a new way of life and continues to do so. Our cars, our homes and even our leisure time has been impacted, with the latter a continuing key growth area. In our article Digital Entertainment – All the Fun Just One Click Away we explore how differently we digest our films, social interactions and gaming. Another core growth area that has been enabled by the digital revolution is online gaming, specifically online casinos. In the days of old, playing a casino game meant getting suited and booted before finding an establishment to visit. Now, you can get the same thrill simply sat at home, or even on a bus, and the market is expanding rapidly.

Yahoo Finance reveals that the online gaming market in the United States is set to see a compound annual growth rate of 15.41% between 2020 and 2025, facilitated by ongoing changes to state gaming laws. It is becoming much easier to enjoy online casinos at home in the United States, but what is the attraction over brick and mortar casinos?

Convenience is the obvious answer, but it would not tell the whole story. Of course, it is easier to play a hand of poker at home than in a casino, especially with restrictions placed on movement earlier in the year. However, as the Black Friday poker crash proved, simply providing a platform is not enough. Safety is paramount and improvements around how secure transactions are, and how fair games are have helped encourage new players.

Variety is another key aspect; an online provider of games can offer a much wider selection of games, and use branding to help strengthen their appeal. This is especially relevant around slot machines and progressive jackpots. The range of pop culture-inspired games on Foxy Bingo are a perfect example of the diverse appeal of online slots, and how they achieve that by using brands and themes recognizable to players. Games such as Monopoly bring recognizable themes to players, whilst they can also adapt quickly, with time-specific games such as Halloween titles Immortal Romance or Full Moon Fortunes. Physical establishments are unable to react quickly to trends and time periods and have a finite amount of floor space in which to place their games.

The diversity of the player is another aspect that makes online gaming attractive. A brick and mortar casino can only have so many players in at any time, but online there are few restrictions. You might be playing a table game with players from another country or another continent, and if the skills level is higher than you feel you are comfortable with, there are many other tables and players to pit your wits against.

Couple that with the range of providers too; if you were to visit a casino for an evening’s play, you would likely be limited to that establishment, unless in Vegas. With online gaming, you can hop from provider to provider, all with different games, themes and challenges for the discerning player.

So, convenience is indeed a key motivator in the rise of online gaming, but law changes, diversity for players and flexibility all rate highly. When you couple this with the staples of gaming such as big prizes, as well as the glitz and glamor, it is easy to see how online gaming is seeing a surge in the United States today.

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