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Why was TikTok banned in India but PUBG was not?



Tik-Tok, WeChat and Helo came under the ambit of the ban, giving a serious jolt to China’s dream of setting up a Digital Silk Route. Even as the sudden ban left TikTok’s Indian fans high and dry, there was palpable relief among the users of PUBG — the highly-addictive, world-famous game that has held millions in India in thrall since its inception.

In the wake of India’s deepening mistrust of all things China amid a bitter border feud, Modi government yesterday executed a ban on 59 Chinese apps in a dramatic move that may have been in the making for some time.

Top web based life stages, for example, TikTok, Helo and WeChat went under the ambit of the boycott, giving a genuine shock to China’s fantasy about setting up a Digital Silk Route.

Indeed, even as the unexpected boycott left TikTok’s Indian fans without a friend in the world, there was unmistakable help among the clients of PUBG — the profoundly addictive, world-acclaimed game that has held millions in India in bondage since its initiation.

This help, notwithstanding, isn’t entirely unmixed as there remains the possibility of the boycott being extend

After the item vanquished the Chinese market instantly, Tencent carried it to India. What’s more, the rest is history.

In any case, regardless of a certain Chinese impression in PUBG’s showcasing, the item despite everything holds its blended proprietor character. As per a few insiders, its Korean starting point is the thing that may have spared PUBG in Round 1 of Modi govt’s China cleanse.

It could imply that China making interests in, or fabricating, an item is likely not being viewed as a reason for prohibiting by India ..

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