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Windows 11 to come with some exclusive features, Know details



Windows 11 features

Windows 11 features could be made available as a free upgrade for not just Windows 10 users but also for those running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Some references about the enhanced upgrade support have emerged from a recently leaked Windows 11 build ahead of its formal announcement. Microsoft previously ran a similar free upgrade program for Windows 10. It was aimed at bringing more and more users to the latest Windows operating system and safely move people from older platforms that were no longer supported by Microsoft.

The new Windows 11 features a user interface and Starts menu

The new Windows 11 user interface and Starts menu look very similar to what was originally found in Windows 10X. Microsoft had been simplifying Windows for dual-screen devices, before canceling this project in favor of Windows 11. Visually, the biggest changes you’ll notice can be found along the taskbar. Microsoft has centered the app icons here, cleaned up the tray area, and included a new Start button and menu.

Microsoft seems to have brought back Windows Widgets with Windows 11, but it is not fully working because it is in the early stages. And that is because the Windows 11 build everyone is trying out is an early version. Most apps are not available in this build, but the overall feel looks finished.

The Microsoft Store (previously Windows Store) does not seem to have any upgrades yet. That may be because this is an early build of Windows 11. Microsoft is definitely bringing new visual and core upgrades to Microsoft Store because back at the Build 2021 conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stressed the next generation will focus on developers.

This updated Start menu is a simplified version

This updated Start menu is a simplified version of what currently exists in Windows 10, without Live Tiles. It includes pinned apps, recent files, and the ability to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices. It’s really a lot more simplified than what exists in Windows 10 today.

If you don’t want the app icons and Start menu centered, there’s an option to move them all back to the left-hand side. Coupled with the dark mode that’s also available, and Windows 11 starts to look like a more refined version of Windows 10 than something dramatically new.

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