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With update to iOS 14.2, Apple to bring more emojis Including Transgender Flag!!



With update to iOS 14.2, Apple to bring more emojis Including Transgender Flag

Great news for iOS users. Apple has released a new beta update for iOS 14.2 and it comes with a new bunch of emojis, as reported by Emojipedia.

If you are an Emoji lover, then iOS  14.2 would be a treat for you. Want to know about the emojis come with this update? Then read the whole article.

The latest iOS release includes a new bubble tea, a transgender flag, a seal, a feather, and more. In charge of approving new emojis, the Unicode  Consortium approved 117 new emojis as part of Unicode 13.0.

There are dozens of new emojis coming to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users this year, with different skin tone options, new gender-inclusive options, and more.

Every year, Apple adds new emojis to update that year’s major iOS release.

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List of Emojis

This is the complete list of all emojis.

new emojis

  • Food – Blueberries, Olive, Bell Pepper, Flatbread, Fondue, Bubble Tea, Tamale
  • People – Ninja, Person in Tuxedo, Woman in Tuxedo, Person with Veil, Man with Veil, Woman Feeding Baby, Person Feeding Baby, Man Feeding Baby, Mx. Claus, People Hugging
  • Body Parts – Pinched fingers, Anatomical Heart, Lungs
  • Faces – Smiling Face with Tear, Disguised Face
  • Musical Instruments – Accordion, Long Drum
  • Clothing – Thong Sandal, Military Helmet
  • Animals – Black Cat, Bison, Mammoth, Beaver, Polar Bear, Dodo, Seal, Beetle, Cockroach, Fly, Worm
  • Household – Potted Plant, Teapot, Piñata, Magic Wand, Nesting Dolls, Sewing Needle, Mirror, Window, Plunger, Mouse Trap, Bucket, Toothbrush
  • Others – Feather, Rock, Wood, Hut, Pickup Truck, Roller Skate, Knot, Coin, Boomerang, Screwdriver, Carpentry Saw,  Transgender Symbol, Transgender Flag.

What’s New?

  • The first time Apple’s gender variations for people wearing a Tuxedo or Veil have been seen.  The update includes gender variations for both the tuxedo and veil emojis


  •  Two Emojis that were never included by Apple :
  1. Smiling Face with Tear        
  2. Disguised Face
  •  Mx Claus – a gender-inclusive alternative to Santa Claus or we can say, Mrs. Claus.

mx claus

  •  A set of bottle-feeding people. In addition to the Breast-Feeding emoji which was added to iOS in 2017.Bottle feeding emoji
  • More realistic looking emojis for cockroach and fly.

  • One more addition that is difficult to understand at one glance is People Hugging.

people hugging emoji


The idea behind this emoji is to hug a person without any discrimination of gender or skin tone.

Release Date:

iOS 14.2 is under testing now. It’s likely that this will come to a public release during October 2020. Those new emojis approved last week won’t be part of this year’s iOS update and will come to iOS at some stage in 2021.

This is all about iOS 14.2 new emojis. Hope you find this article interesting. Share it with your family and friends.








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