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WordPress claims Apple wants 30% of App Store profits even though its free



One more case in the queue, after Epic’s Fortnite, but both are having different scenarios. Now, Apple has a dispute with WordPress!

A founding WordPress developer blamed that until WordPress accepts to gives over 30% of its domain name purchases to Apple, Apple is not updating the app and fix bugs in the App Store. We all know that the WordPress website is free to use, however, there are certain themes that need premium subscription or purchase, otherwise, it’s free.

So, The problem is WordPress lets users create and manage their websites without any cost or in-app purchases. Also, WordPress desktop website sells a domain name, but that’s a completely different scenario.

In a Tweet from WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg stated:

We are locked by Apple’s step and not able to provide relevant service to users. To be able to app updates and bug fixes, we have to adhere to apple’s rules i.e for .com domains, we have to impose in-app purchases.

Below is the complete tweet:

apple's conflict over wordpress

WordPress, both desktop and iOS apps, are owned by their parent company Automattic. The app version is completely free to use. Users do not have any options to buy domain names on the WordPress app. So the question that arises here is: If it’s a free-to-use app, what does Apple want 30% off?

The answer to the above question is tweeted by Ben Thompson, Founder of Stratechery, a tech policy blog. He said Apple’s action “is thus holding millions of websites hostage for 30% of Automattic domain sales.”

The below image is the screenshot of the Tweet, taken from twitter.

Finally, Apple’s spokesperson said to Digital Trends that the company is currently working with WordPress to bring its app into compliance with App Store requirements and that WordPress’s latest update has been approved.

Last week a dispute over Epic and Apple has come to new and this week WordPress and apple are the headlines.

Play Fortnite on iPhone and Android, even after its ban!

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Are Online Lenders a Secure Option for Small Business Loans?



Online Lenders

With the worldwide boom of the fintech sector, now it is easier to access financial services anywhere, and there is no exception to small business owners. Online lenders come in handy for them since one of their main challenges is to get funding for their business, and getting these resources with the traditional banking options is complicated.

The success of online lenders is due to a set of factors, like the user experience they offer, fewer requirements to access their services, and faster processing of their applications, since most of them are made online. All these have shifted people to online lenders instead of traditional banks.

According to Innovate Finance, the US and UK are fintech’s top two markets. But with the rise of online lenders, customer’s doubts arise, mainly around how much they can trust them. Especially because there are fake lenders that request a previous deposit to receive the loans, taking advantage of people’s ignorance.

If you are thinking about applying for a business loan with one of these online lenders, but you have hesitations about it, keep reading to solve some of the frequently asked questions around these financial options.

Small Business Loans

FAQs About Online Lenders Solved

Some of the main questions about online lenders are:

How long will it take to get a loan?

One of the advantages of online lenders is their speed. You can get a loan in just a few days or even minutes because they are designed to help people with emergencies and to solve problems. Although it is true that in a matter of minutes, people can get their money, you have to meet specific requirements to do so —for example, bank statements and income receipts to prove your business earnings.

Is it safe to get an online loan?

Yes, but you have to make sure that the online lender is registered at the authority in charge. Approaching only registered fintech will save you from fraudulent online lenders that want to steal money with false promises and tricky language.

Why is all the procedure done online?

One of the best assets of these lenders is the simplicity of their system; that’s why the applications and loan approvals are made online. For those who feel safer talking to a person for this matter, some online lenders offer the possibility to get in touch with a representative to solve particular issues. You can also verify the identity of the institution via P.O. Box, phone number, and the FCA approval.

How much money can my business get?

Because online lenders ask for fewer requirements, and they don’t need any guarantees, they tend to offer small amounts of money, with annual interest rates between 6% and 36%.

Remember that the rates go in accordance to the payment period and the amount you want to borrow.

Is an online lender better than a bank?

These institutions are a good option for small businesses when they need a small amount of money or when they want to start their credit history. Online lenders can ask for fewer requirements than banks.

Are online lenders the same as payday loans?

A regular confusion is how online and payday loans differ since both lend you money in a few minutes and use digital mechanisms to do so. But payday loans have some restrictions like, if you don’t pay the amount they lend you the day you have to, the institution can take the money directly from your bank account, and you get moratorium fees and overdrafts. An online lender will let you modify your monthly payments if you have any unexpected trouble.

Some Considerations About Small Business Loans

Online lenders are regulated financial institutions, so you have to be careful with your payment behavior because it can affect your credit score. Maintaining a good credit score will help you get bigger loans in the future. Follow these tips to keep your investments under control:

  • Use the money only for business purposes.

Before you ask for a loan, be sure of what you’ll do with the money. Once you have it, be smart! Don’t waste it on other things than your business growth. Remember that loan fees are significant, so pay what you owe as fast as possible.

  • Compare your options before you ask for a loan.

There are a lot of online lenders. Review at least three of them before you ask for a small business loan. To know which online lender is the right for you, check your income and how you handle your debt. Also, compare the interest rates, the time that they give you to pay, and how other clients rate the organization.

  • Check privacy policies.

Knowing the privacy policies and how the online lenders take care of your data will prevent you from being a victim of cyberattacks. If it is a regulated online lender, then you will have nothing to worry about.

Follow these tips and take advantage of the fintech boom! Getting a small business loan it’s simpler than you think, and in a matter of days, you could have the resources you’ve been waiting for to start or grow your entrepreneurial dreams.

Just make sure you approach a licensed and registered online lender and have a business plan for your loan. This way, this financial resource will result in a good investment.

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Recommendations for improvement in Rocket League as a rookie



buying Rocket League credits

Rocket League is a popular videogame that has been easily recognized by its curious gameplay, which combines the fast rocket-propelled vehicles with the bases of Soccer, where two rival teams must try to score goals against their opponent with a kind of ball. Although the gameplay of this videogame may seem a bit odd at first glance, it actually has some very well executed mechanics that can be quite addictive, requiring continuous training in order to improve over time.

Although Rocket League is a videogame with quite simple gameplay and mechanics to learn, it is extremely complex to be able to master them completely, since performing actions such as dominating the ball, moving strategically on the court, or even scoring goals, requires a lot of training and skill.

That said, here are some indispensable tips for newcomers to this videogame who want to significantly improve their gameplay and look for useful tricks to get the most out of Rocket League mechanics. These recommendations were provided by several very experienced Rocket League players, so they will be able to help any novice player, and will probably also provide some important data to many more advanced players. It should be noted that these tips can be applied to any version of the Rocket League, whether console or PC.

Mastering the use of cameras

One of the most important and complex game mechanics for mastering the Rocket League is undoubtedly the control of the cameras. Handling the camera in this videogame is complicated even for the most experienced players since it is necessary to know how to move the camera in each specific situation, so a lot of practice will be needed. However, knowing how to handle the camera is essential to know how to position yourself on the court, be able to see your teammates, have better control of the situations that arise, know the best way to attack your opponents, know how to position yourself to hit the ball better, among other important benefits in the games.

As all players know, Rocket League has two types of cameras: the fixed camera and the ball camera, which should be taken in turns during the games, since each one offers a better view in specific situations.

When you are very close to the ball it is better to leave the ball cam, as it will offer a less confusing view and help improve visual agility when hitting the ball. While the fixed camera is the most comfortable, as it does not require constant manipulation of the player, and is the most useful to see the ball from a distance and have some perspective, even when the ball moves very fast. But when it comes to backing up or getting a boost, it’s always better to use the ball cam to be able to see properly. It is also important to have good reflexes to change the camera at the right time because if we are using the ball cam and suddenly the ball comes to us, the situation will be difficult.


Knowing the characteristics of each vehicle in order to take advantage of them

One of the most important tips to improve in Rocket League is to know the different vehicles in the game, because all of them are different, both in their external form and in their parameters. The vehicles in this videogame can be differentiated by the amount of boost they need to accelerate, the weight they have, the speed they can reach, and their acceleration. These parameters can be very subtly different in each vehicle, but they can make a big difference when driving them.

As far as the shapes and dimensions of the vehicles in the Rocket League are concerned, the difference becomes more noticeable and it can be said that each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. For example: Aerodynamic vehicles like Paladin are the best to move in the air, while small vehicles like Gizmo are very fast on the ground, and thanks to their small size they can avoid rival vehicles much better, but both types of vehicles hit the ball less strongly than the others. Large vehicles such as Merc are the most effective in reaching aerial balls or those that are directed at walls, and due to their size, they have a larger impact zone, which will allow them to perform frontal strikes with greater power.

Learning to move strategically around the court

It’s pretty obvious that Rocket League gameplay is almost entirely based on soccer, and as everyone knows, soccer isn’t just about running and chasing a ball, it’s something much more complicated than that.

A key element to mastering Rocket League is know how to move around the court and analyzing exactly when to attack and defend, which is achieved through constant practice. 

It is necessary that the players read the game before positioning themselves on the field, for example: If we are playing in 3vs3 and our whole team is focused only on the attack, it is very likely that when the ball bounces to the opposite direction it will end up providing the opponent with a goal against us, since there will be no one in a correct position to save the ball, so it is advisable to always place a player in the center of the field or in the opposite zone so that he can save the ball when a harmful bounce occurs. Although that formation is quite simple, at the base to be able to get a position that covers both attack and defense.

When moving within the court, it is also important to know how to leave space for our teammates, as it is quite common for rookies to get very close to their teammates until they end up getting in the way, so it is important to keep your own spaces when it is time.

Learning to work as a team

Rocket League is a videogame that focuses more on multiplayer, both competitive and cooperative, so teamwork will be paramount in order to defeat rivals. Teamwork within Rocket League is largely based on complementing our teammates in whatever way necessary, trusting them, and avoiding getting in their way. It is also necessary to analyze our teammates until we can deduce a little bit about their way of playing, their state during the game, their amount of boost, their position on the court, their attacking or defensive skills, among other aspects. It should be noted that it is much better to play with friends, as that way there will be fewer communication problems, the roles of each member of our team will be better defined, and it will also be more fun.

Learning to take advantage of the scenarios

It should be clear that Rocket League scenarios are designed in a strategic way, so each of its corners has a purpose. That said, it is quite necessary to learn how to shorten the path and avoid opponents through stage walls, and to take advantage of the walls, it is necessary to carefully visualize the court and act at the right time. It is also important not to lose sight of the ball when looking at the stage, as that way you can better determine its trajectory in case it bounces. For both attacking and defending, taking advantage of the stage is of paramount importance in order to achieve victory.

Another effective method to improve in Rocket League is to make the most of the various foreign markets focused on this game. Among the several marketplaces that can be obtained nowadays, one of the most recommended is undoubtedly, since this platform has been recognized for guaranteeing security in the sales of its users, for its easy to handle interface, and for offering a huge amount of items related to the popular Psyonix game, where the possibility of buying Rocket League credits in large quantities stands out, as well as the possibility of getting accounts, avatar borders, rare wheels for vehicles, or even trails at the best price.

Having said all that, it is hoped that these tips can be of help to those who wish to improve much more in Rocket League and can achieve their own style of play more easily. Although the tips were quite basic, they turn out to be the key to understand a little more about the mechanics that can be used in Rocket League, and they also highlight the most important thing to improve in this videogame, which is a constant practice.

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The Importance Of Optimising For Voice Search With Absolute Digital Media



Optimising For Voice Search

Whether you are a small to medium business looking to aid the growth of the company, or you are an established business looking to up your online marketing we are here to help. With many strategies for you to use and experienced content writers out there like the ones, we possess at Absolute Digital Media, optimising for this new way of searching could not be any easier. To help you get started, we will be providing you insight into some of the steps that you can take to ensure it is fully optimised at every stage. 

It’s Set To Become The New Normal 

One of the core reasons behind optimising for voice search is that it is set to become the new normal. Whether it is from a Google or Alexa device or a mobile phone, more and more of us are making use of voice search on a daily basis. With everything from directions, to answers to basic questions covered, this is a great way to optimise your content and improve the ranking for your website. 

By aiming for a featured snippet with your mobile optimised content, you can set the boundary and begin to create content that is beneficial to your audience. In order to do this, however, you will have to research the relevant keywords as well as the length of these particular keywords. Due to voice search queries being more informal, a long-term keyword is likely to rank better than the traditional length of the keyword. Combine this will long-form content written in a conversational tone and you are likely to better your chances at ranking for a featured snippet. By enlisting the help of an agency such as Absolute Digital Media, you are able to ensure that your content is completely optimised every time. 

Absolute Digital Media Explains the Importance Of Keyword Research

Keyword research is important in PPC, SEO and other aspects of the keyword research. When optimising for voice search, a long-form keyword is better suited. These long-form keywords will suit the conversational tone. By using small but simple tips to make sure your content is as optimised as possible, you are able to aim for the featured snippet. Though it will take you time to fully optimise this, using the right keywords from a keyword gap analysis will benefit you in the long term. 

When you have optimised these keywords, you should then create content that is fit for purpose. By making sure that your content is written and provides insight into your chosen product or service whilst providing insight into the services that you provide thus improving the customer service experience. When you are creating content for a specific voice search term, you should create a response that is tailored to the response that your audience will want to hear. By tailoring your content and ensuring that it sounds as natural as possible, your more likely to see your content ranking successfully. 

The New And Improved Customer Journey 

When you have created your content, you can then begin to improve the new customer journey. When looking to optimise for voice search, there is a new conversion funnel for you to consider. With many different search queries made throughout the day, it is important to ensure you are optimising for the correct search queries. To help you get this right, we have compiled a list of some examples of the search terms you should optimise for. 

    • Awareness: “What’s The Best Brush For Curly Hair?” 
    • Interest: “Can You Make Phone Calls From A Tablet?” 
    • Evaluation: “Which Is Better, Siri Or Google?” 
    • Purchase: “How Much Does The New iPhone Cost?” 
  • Customer Support: “Why Does My Computer Keep Crashing?” 

By using queries such as this as a guideline, you can then begin to optimise your content to the fullest without spending a small fortune on PPC. This content can be featured either in a blog post or on an FAQ page and can provide the answers to questions that your customers are looking for In addition to this, optimising for voice search can put you ahead of your direct competitors in the l-long term for outstanding results at this time. 

Make Your Content Interactive With Google Skills 

Google and Alexa skills are another great way for your audience to interact with your content. By creating a back and forth between the content you have created and the voice search device, you can link your customer to an app or a website for more information. It is this interaction that can boost the traffic to your site and provide long term benefits. When you provide this level of experience to your customers, they are likely to keep returning. This will, in turn, increase customer loyalty and keep customers coming back and purchasing items or products from you. 

Track Your Visibility To Specific Key Terms 

Visibility for specific key terms is vital when optimising your content for voice search as you want your content to be fully optimised. By taking the time to make sure it has the correct optimisation of specific key terms, you are able to ensure that the Google Algorithm favours this over your competitor. It is important to note, however, that this may take some time. Therefore, enlisting the help of an agency can help you to achieve these results as part of a fully optimised content strategy, allowing you to compete with other direct competitors with ease. 

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