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Work from home for Google employees till September 2021



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Alphabet Inc. owned Google has declared work from home for all its employees till September 2021.

CEO Sundar Pichai has sent an email to his staff members declaring the same. According to him, this step was taken in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The employees will not be asked to join back office until safe for them.

According to a report, Google is also testing ‘Flexible Workweek’. The employees will be asked to work from office only thrice a week while working from home for remaining days. As per Pichai, this flexible working model will help in greater ‘productivity, collaboration and well-being’ of employees.

Google became the first company to extend work from home option till the summer of 2021. In an email, to employees, Pichai wrote that global voluntary work from home will be available through June 30, 2021, for roles that do not require physically attending office premises. The announcement extended its previous arrangement till January 2021.

Twitter made headline in May when it announced work from home ‘forever’ for its employees if they wish. Facebook also announced that its employees can also ask for a permanent work-from-home arrangement.

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s chief executive, has said that he has not seen “any positives” from working at home and that not being able to get together to discuss ideas in person is a “pure negative.” However, he said he expected the five-day workweek would become four days in the office and one day remote after the pandemic.

One thing that Mr. Pichai forgot to mention in his email is whether the company will require employees to take the coronavirus vaccine before returning to the office. Google has said it recommends that employees obtain the vaccine when their health care provider or local public health authority has told them it’s available to them, said Gina Scigliano, a Google spokeswoman.

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