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Youtube Parents approved accounts feature to filter contents that are inappropriate for tweens.



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  • Youtube now introduces the Parents approved accounts feature to filter contents that are inappropriate for tweens.
  • YouTube is now working to address-concerns and complaints of parents, as per the latest report of Youtube Head.
  • The feature is already in the testing phase on Android, iOS, and the Web.

Parents are worried about the increasing use of youtube by their kids. To solve their problem, Youtube recently announced that it will introduce a new feature very soon that will allow parents to use and explore Youtube within the limits set by parents for them.

Along with the new Feature, Youtube will provide a complete guide to users about: How new features work, How to set filters, and parental controls to provide solutions to the user’s problem.

Youtube Parents approved accounts: Release Date

Youtube promises new features to parents for their kids safety on youtube, but they did not provide any official release date for this new feature.

But they promised that a new feature will be launched very soon as the feature is in the testing phase and the beta version of this feature will be released within one-two weeks.

Youtube official Statement on Parents approved accounts


The Kids can Watch videos on Youtube from the channels specified according to their age groups and not able to open any violent content not appropriate for them.

The Option is introduced for parents who want to give freedom to their children to use youtube, but within limits, as youtube consists of content for all age groups.

With the help of the new features, parents did not need to see again and again –What children watch on the Youtube application.

Youtube official said: Every system has mistakes, and needs time to continually evolve over time. Youtube is continuously working to provide better services to their users by improving in every area. Recently Youtube introduces 4k resolution so that users can enjoy videos at 4k resolution.

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